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Local Resources

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  • Mental Health America Lakeshore (MHA Lakeshore)
    Mental Health America Lakeshore (MHA Lakeshore) Address: 915 N. 7th Street Sheboygan, WI 53081 General Phone: 920-458-3951 Email: 24 Hour Crisis Response: 920-459-3151 Resource Center Website: Resources: Mental Health America (MHA) Lakeshore (formerly known as MHA in Sheboygan County) is a nonprofit mental health resource center serving our community since 1953. Our mission is to promote overall mental health through education, support, public health reform, and advocacy. Our vision is to create mentally, healthy communities, where all individuals thrive.
  • Counseling in Sheboygan (Private Provider)
    Novo Counseling Provider: Dione Gisch, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, CCATP, NCC Phone: 920-547-4544 Email: Novo Counseling Website: Provider Information:
  • Counseling in Sheboygan (Private Provider)
    Moving Ahead Provider: Kerry Howard, Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, MA Phone: 920-798-5568 Website:
  • ADHD Counseling in Sheboygan (Private Provider)
    River ADHD Counseling Contact: Andrea Michetti Website:
  • Family Counseling in Sheboygan (Insurance Accepted)
    Nett-Work Family Counseling, LLC Providers: Christine Nett, LCSW, CSAC, ICS Providers: Amanda Anhalt, LCSW, CSAC Phone: (920) 451-6908 Email:
  • Youth Counseling in Sheboygan (Insurance Accepted)
    Northshore Clinic, LLC Provider: James Harriman, M.S. LCSW Phone: 920-457-8866 Website:
  • Mental Health and Recovery Peer Support (Sheboygan)
    Fusion Collaborative LLC Phone: (262) 346-4208 Contact email: Website: Facebook:
  • Counseling in Manitowoc (Insurance Accepted)
    Sherman Counseling Provider: Jasmine Lammers, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC Phone: (920) 523-4096 Email: Sherman Counseling Website: Provider Information:
  • Counseling in Glenbeulah (Insurance Accepted)
    Yurk Counseling Services LLC Providers: Wendy Yurk, Tina Gray-Siebers Website: Phone: (920) 287-0406
  • Transgender Counseling (Insurance Accepted) Address: Pathways Counseling Center 11121 W. Oklahoma Avenue West Allis, WI 53227 Contact Information: Phone: (262)641-9790 Business Hours Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm ​Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Peer Support Warmline (Call/Text)
    PRISM (for LGBTQ+ Youth in WI) Call or text the Warmline: 414-336-7974 Website: **If you don't get an answer right away, expect a response within 12 hours. If you get the voicemail, please leave a message! ***Please note: The warmline is not monitored 24/7, so please allow time for response As opposed to a crisis hotline that is answered by a clinician and focuses on whether or not you qualify for hospitalization or active rescue, a peer support warmline is answered by a trained peer specialist who is there to talk and offer support. The PRISM Program Warm Line is not monitored 24/7 and should not be used as a crisis resource. If you are in imminent crisis, please try one of the following resources: Trevor Project Lifeline (call 1-866-488-7386 OR text START to 678-678) Trans Lifeline (call 877-565-8860) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)
  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources (National Resource List)
  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources (Wisconsin)
    Wisconsin Department of Health Services Website:
  • 12 Step Recovery Group (LGBTQ+ Focused)
    Rightway Club 4627 South 12th St., Sheboygan WI 53081
  • Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention (LGBTQIA2S+ Youth)
    Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention for LGBTQIA2S+ Youth Website:
  • LGBT Hotline All the support volunteers identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ family, and are here to serve the entire community, by providing free & confidential peer-support, information, and local resources through national hotlines and online programs. Hotline Hours: Mon-Fri: 1 PM - 9 PM/pacific time 4 PM - Midnight/eastern time Sat: 9 AM - 2 PM/pacific time Noon - 5 PM/eastern time
  • LGBTQ Health - Patient Advocate (Aurora Network)
    Contact: Michelle Loews, Clinic Manager LGBTQ+ Ombusdman (patient liaison) Email: Website:
  • Plastic Surgeon for Top Surgery (Aurora Network)
    Clinic: Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center/Clinic Provider: Pamela R. Portschy, MD Phone: 920-457-4461 Website:
  • HRT and LGBTQ Focused Medical Care (Froedtert Network)
    Clinic: Froedtert Inclusion Clinic at Sargeant Health Center Phone: 414-805-2018 Address: 840 N. 87th St., Milwaukee, WI 53226 Sargeant Health Center Website: General Website:
  • Family Medicine/Primary Care (Froedert Network)
    Clinic: Manitowoc Harbor Town Clinic, Froedert Manitowoc Provider: Eric Boehmer, MD, PhD, DABFM, DABIHM Phone: 920-476-6300 Address: 1650 South 41st St. Manitowoc, WI 54220 Website:
  • Trans Affirming Medical Doctor, HRT Capable (Ascension Network)
    Clinic: Ascension Medical Group - Marsho Clinic Provider: Xia Vang, MD Phone: 920-457-4438 Address: 1703 North Taylor Dr Sheboygan, WI 53081 Website:
  • General LGBTQ Healthcare & Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (Planned Parenthood)
    Clinic: Planned Parenthood, Sheboygan Health Center Phone: 844-493-1052 Address: 909 SouthTaylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081 Website:
  • Comprehensive and Preventative Health Care (Lakeshore Community Health Care)
    Clinic: Lakeshore Community Health Care Phone: 920-783-6633 Address: 1721 Saemann Ave. Sheboygan, WI 53081 Website:
  • LGBTQ Service Provider Resources (Wisconsin Department of Health Services)
    Wisconsin Department of Health Services Provider Resources: General Website:
  • LGBTQ Health Services (National Resource, CDC)
  • Electrolysis (Private Provider)
    Electrolysis (Normal and for Confirmation Surgery) Business: Richocet's Electrolysis Contact: Rinca Shay Sarff Phone: 414-312-3410 Email: Website:
  • GSAFE (Madison, WI)
  • Kohler High GSA
    The goals and purpose of this organization is to educate, support and advocate for a safe and inclusive LGBTQ school community. Contact: Diane Godlewski Email:
  • Sheboygan Area School District - Homeless Youth Support
    Contact: Theresa Thune Email: Website:
  • Sheboygan Falls HS GSA
    Contact: Emily Tews Email: Website:
  • Sheboygan North High GSA
    Contact: Cody Farvour Email: Website:
  • Sheboygan South High GSA
    Contact: Katie Vogt, Will Taylor Email: Website:
  • UW-Green Bay Sheboygan Campus Pride Center
    Contact: Nicole Kurth, Pride Center Coordinator Email: , Phone: 920-465-2167 Website:
  • Training, Consultation, Assessments, and Mentoring (Sheboygan)
    Transformative Services LLC Provider: Jasmine Lammers, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC Email: Website:
  • Affirming Transgender Employees Training (Recorded)
    Provided by Jasmine Lammers, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC Video:
  • Belonging: LGBTQ+ People in Small American Communities (Recorded)
    Provided by the Manitowoc Public Library & PFLAG Manitowoc County Video: A community thrives when it provides a welcome, diverse, and safe environment for all of its residents. PFLAG Manitowoc County is a diverse group of grandparents, parents, families, friends and LGBTQIA+ people. Its founders understood the reality of living in a world where acceptance could be wanting and safety could be precarious. Please join Manitowoc Public Library and PFLAG Manitowoc County for this enlightening discussion panel and community conversation. No judgements. Merely an uplifting, affirming, and respectful conversation. Let's move forward together as a stronger, more equitable community.
  • Suicide Prevention (CARE) Training
    Website: The Trevor Project’s CARE (Connect, Accept, Respond, Empower) Training is an interactive and intensive training that provides adults with an overview of suicide among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) youth, and the different environmental stressors that contribute to their heightened risk for suicide.
  • 2023 Safe Ally Training- UW-Green Bay Pride Center
  • Sheboygan County Open & Affirming Churches (Resource)
  • Ebeneezer United Church of Christ (Sheboygan)
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ (Sheboygan)
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ (Plymouth)
  • Braun Hair (Hair Stylist)
    Contact: Tina Braun Phone: (920) 946-3778 Website:
  • House of Spiritual Vibes Botanica (Metaphysical Shop)
    Contact: Nia Soul Phone: (920) 457-4213 Facebook: Website:
  • Koffie Trader (Cafe)
    Contact: Shayla Trader Phone: (920) 668-5138 Address: 221 S Main St, Cedar Grove, WI 53013 Facebook: Website:
  • Paradigm Coffee & Music
    Contact: Kate Krause Phone: (920) 457-5277 Instagram: Website:
  • QueenBee Skincare (Skincare Products)
    Contact: Brianna Bakewell Phone: (920) 627-0094 Email: Website: Facebook:
  • Chicory Root Tattoo Studio
    Chicory Root Tattoo Studio Contact: Kayla Kiefer Address: 1206 N. 8th St. Sheboygan 53081 Email:
  • Sheboygan Queer Potluck Group
    Contact: Kate Krause Facebook Group:
  • Sheboygan County LGBTQ Support Group
    Contact: Jennifer Schmidt Facebook Page:
  • LGBTQ Peer Mentoring in Sheboygan
    Transformative Services LLC Provider: Jasmine Jaime Lammers, MAC, LPC - owner Website:
  • 12 Step Recovery Group (LGBTQ+ Focused)
    Rightway Club 4627 South 12th St., Sheboygan WI 53081
  • A Million Dreamz (Child Care)
    A Million Dreamz "Our mission at A Million Dreamz is to offer quality, affordable childcare 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in an all-inclusive and kind environment while providing resources, referrals, advocacy, and other services to encourage and support the continuing development of healthy families."
  • SAIL (Safe and Inclusive Living for Students) - at UW-Green Bay Main Campus
  • Wisconsin Housing Discrimination information
  • Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council
    Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council Concerned you've experienced illegal housing discrimination? Call 1.877.647.3247
  • Attorney Resource List (Milwaukee LGBT Community Center)
    Milwaukee LGBT Community Center Phone: 414-271-2656 General Email: Legal Directory: General Website:
  • Anti-violence Program (Appleton)
    Room to be Safe - Anti-violence Program Phone/Text: (414) 856-5428 (this number is not a 24-hour hotline) Website: Diverse & Resilient’s Room to Be Safe Anti-violence Program serves LGBTQ survivors of violence (intimate partner, sexual, hate violence, bullying, as well as religious, police and state sanctioned violence) throughout Wisconsin. If you want to talk to an LGBTQ anti-violence advocate at Diverse & Resilient who can help connect you to a provider or talk through your situation.
  • Kohler Proud - Business Resource Group
    Contact: Hilary Arthur Email: Website:
  • Wisconsin Employment Discrimination Information
  • Worker Connection Program (Sheboygan County)
    Worker Connection Program (Sheboygan County) Website: Contacts: Susan Boettcher 920-510-8144 Ashley Hartjes 920-510-8173 The Worker Connection program provides free navigation services to expand career opportunities at the local level. Trained Career Navigators work one on one with clients to identify their interests, values, and conditions of work. Then, they connect clients to resources, trainings, and in-demand career pathways in their area. The program also partners with community-based organizations and businesses to provide support and help employers with their workforce needs. Currently, the Worker Connection program is active in Milwaukee County (WDA 2) and the Bay area (WDA 5, including Sheboygan County).
  • PFLAG Manitowoc County
    Contact: Patrick Neuenfeldt Website:
  • Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
  • Trans Resource List (Milwaukee)
  • Diverse & Resilient (Milwaukee)
  • GLAAD Resource List (national)
  • GLBT Resource List (national)

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