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Local LGBTQ Stories

In 2022 Green Bicycle Co. worked alongside the Sheboygan County LGBTQ Alliance to collect and archive information and create opportunities for engagement and exhibition of local LGBTQ stories. Below you will find one of the first local LGBTQ stories we archived as part of Telling the Full History

David Pittner


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Share your own story

Tell us your story, your family's story, or a story you heard about. It could be your coming out story, your wedding story, an event you attended, a story about how you found your queer community, who inspired or supported you, or anything else related to queer life in Sheboygan County! 


You can submit as little as a sentence or two, share a longer document, or attach photos, including scanned documents (e.g. posters, tickets, flyers, programs) or even images of physical items (just take a good photo and attach). There are really no rules- we want to know all kinds of histories, herstories, and their stories- and they don't all have to be sunny. We know folks have struggled, and folks have triumphed. And most of us are just doing our best! All our stories matter.



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